This is me!

Actually, that’s my silly dog in the picture, not me. He was sitting at the kitchen table, looking like he took his head off and forgot to take it with him when he went to bark at a bird. The attentive reader will no-doubt point out that without a head, he wouldn’t be able to bark. In response, I’d point out that he didn’t really take his head off.

No, I’m the one in the middle picture: not the stunningly elegant willow tree, nor the thrillingly hi-tech craft brewery. The handsome devil with the woolly gloves and the bad hair.

In case you hadn’t twigged yet, this is going to be about gardening, brewing, brewing in the garden, gardening in the brewery, dogs, dogs in the garden, but not dogs in the brewery. That would be dangerous, and probably spoil the beer.

I want to talk about the small, peaceful, activities that bring me joy in a world beset with strife and turmoil. Maybe I’m overdoing it a bit there, but I think we could all share some of our little sources of happiness, the little things that make the big things manageable.



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