Soul food Sunday: Vindaloo!

This is my first meme post, and it was very tasty. I may do this again! Soulful Sunday

This is my soulful soul food. Shortly after I met Ali the Mindful Gardener, I converted her to the deep mindfulness of rice well-cooked. Rice is my comfort food (along with ice-cream, obvs), which I think stems from my mum doing “fried rice” in a strange, self-heating electric frying-pan thing back in the 70s. These were the days before woks, fresh herbs you hadn’t grown, and all the funky ingredients we take for granted. For us, it was bacon, cucumber, bits of omelette, some soy sauce and … wait for it … lashings of ketchup. Ali is baffled and horrified in equal measure.

Anyway, back to the point. Time has moved on, and I have a love of Indian food from my father (born there), my backpacking adventures in the 90s, and most recently, working with a team in Delhi. I have a cupboard at home which is only about 8″ deep, perfect for my extensive collection of spices. I feel like a mediaeval apothecary, or even an alchemist, and when the cupboard is opened, I am transported.

Anyway, back to the point. This dish that I cooked last night draws from many sources. I learnt to cook rice by absorption from a Welsh flatmate; the spices and flavourings came from my dad. The side salad, with fresh onions was inspired by Rick Stein in India. The raita needs no introduction.

But the centrepiece is the Vindaloo, and I am indebted to Madhur Jaffrey for this. Vindaloo comes from Portuguese words combining vinegar and garlic (Goa, from which the dish comes, was a Portuguese colony). It is not, repeat not, stupidly hot. I don’t know where that idea has come from. This recipe is originally for duck but I use chicken thighs. The best way I can describe it is that it is sweet and sour curry, and is luscious. One of our children loves it so much she has mastered making it herself.

So there you have it. Food speaks to my soul, and this is soul food.

Oh, and I can’t resist: here’s the lager I made to go with it.

This production has been brought to you by the letters V and L, and the meme

2 thoughts on “Soul food Sunday: Vindaloo!

  1. A small British pub on Richmond Ave here in Houston introduced me to Vindaloo with lamb! Wow, I loved it….I have not much experience with Indian cuisine but I need to explore it ,a little more. One of my retired buddies and now my assistant for both beekeeping and beer brewing, is a fan of all things made with curry. He has offered to take me under his wing and share the Indian cuisine delights with me……I’m sure it must go well with good IPA’s! Thanks

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    1. Oh, don’t get me started. I could talk for hours about beer and curry! But did you know the history of IPA? India pale ale, brewed to be exported to India by ship etc.?


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