Top Tips!

Don’t buy expensive fresh herbs from the shops, only to throw them away when they wilt a few days later. Use my handy herb-u-like environmental preservation scheme!

More simply, it’s this. Cut herbs are like cut anything: put them in water. Beyond that, if you want them to last (i.e. not do anything) as opposed to open out and bloom, put them somewhere cold and dark to slow down their metabolisms. Best cold and dark place I have is my fridge, but fridges are dry, so you need to make a moist microclimate for them.


  1. Open the bag they came in carefully at one end.
  2. Put herbs in glass of water.
  3. Use bag to make a little enviro-tent over the herbs.
  4. Put herbs in fridge.


The coriander in this picture was bought 16 days before.

2 thoughts on “Top Tips!

  1. This is fantastic! I’ve got some coriander wilting in my fridge right now, but it’s still retrievable! Thanks for the tip


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